About CYL

James (left) and Lawrence (right) on the steps of their Brazilian house, where they were based for the coronavirus lockdowns of 2020
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Crypto Your Life is a project started by Lawrence Ray and James Scaur in April 2020, dedicated to helping people achieve their goals with crypto.

Both of us have extensive experience working with and using cryptocurrency, and we have a passion for helping others enter the space as well…

Lawrence has over 5 years experience working in the environmental insurance industry, as well as a business degree from the University of Buckingham. He got into crypto in 2018, first investing in Ripple (XRP) and then proceeding to study and experiment with other cryptocurrencies.

James is a self taught programmer who bought his first Bitcoin (BTC) when he was 14, and has been working in crypto full time since 2017, with a variety of startups including exchanges, wallets, coin projects, and payment infrastructure.

You can expect from us posts about how crypto has improved our lives and helped us achieve our goals, alongside:

  • Primers on different cryptocurrencies and concepts in the crypto industry
  • How to use cryptocurrency in multiple countries including Brazil, New Zealand, and the U.K.
  • How to earn in crypto and use it to travel
  • The applications of blockchain to the insurance industry
  • What it’s like to develop software with crypto technology
  • How our existing payment systems (from cash, credit card, t0 bank transfers) work and why they matter for you
  • Companies we admire in crypto

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