Blockchain Explained

How blockchain technology can save insurers money

I am aware that the title of this article is going to turn away 99.9% of the population. Insurance claims and blockchain are two specialist industries which aren’t renowned for being ‘exciting’,  however, both are industries I have experience in. Whilst learning more about blockchain technology, my brain has been working out ways it could […]

Cryptocurrency Opinion

Cryptocurrency Maximalism – The good, the bad and the ugly

What is a cryptocurrency maximalist? A cryptocurrency maximalist is someone who believes that their chosen currency or coin is the only one worth caring about. The social media of choice for said maximalists is often Twitter, although they are known to inhabit other social media platforms. They will write regular ‘tweets’ about their chosen coin […]

Cryptocurrency Explained

Bitcoin Mining Explained

To gain a basic explanation of how the Bitcoin protocol works, check here: A Basic Explanation of Bitcoin If you have been researching Bitcoin you’re likely to have come across the term ‘Bitcoin Mining’ and you may be wondering what it really is. When I first heard of Bitcoin mining, I immediately started thinking of […]